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Katharine von Bora: Dr. Martin Luther's Wife (Stein)

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Sprinkle Publications

This title is a biography of the wife of Martin Luther, Katharine von Bora.


Author’s Preface

It has been my purpose in ‘Katharine von Bora’, to picture in the peaceful quiet of Martin Luther’s domestic happiness, the man whose influence so largely shaped the course of public events.

The undertaking has not been altogether an easy one; for, while history flows in a copious stream, regarding the Reformer himself, it gives but meager information as to the great man’s wife, the humble, modest woman, who never thrust herself forward, nor sought any personal advantage from her husband’s greatness, - but remained contentedly in the background, glad to do him service, and to enrich her own heart from the abundance of his spiritual riches. Only occasional fragments give us glimpses of Katharine’s life, and out of these I will endeavor to form a complete picture.

It has been my endeavor, so to utilize the material here gathered, that our people may learn to know the wife of its greatest man, - not by name only, but as her husband’s ‘helpmeet’, in the truest sense of the word, as a pattern of domestic virtue, and as a pearl among women.


Table of Contents:

Book First – The Maiden

1. A Conspiracy

2. Disappointed Hope

3. Dawn

4. Freedom

5. Sheltered

6. A Fleeting Fancy

7. Katharine in Trouble and Dr. Martin in Strife with His Friends

8. A Sudden Resolve

9. A Day of Rejoicing

Book Second – The Wife

10. As Sorrowing, Yet Always Rejoicing

11. The Faithful Eckart

12. A New Life

13. “As Dying, and, Behold, We Live”

14. Bereaved and Comforted

15. Alone

16. God’s Inn

17. Peace

18. The Mother and Her Children

19. Risen from the Dead

20. “Lord” Kate

21. Luther’s Last Will

22. Little Lena

23. Once More in Zulsdorf

24. Parting

Book Third – The Widow

25. Alone

26. War

27. More Trouble

28. Glimpses of Sunshine

29. Release