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Jonathan Edwards for the Church: The Ministry and the Means of Grace (Schweitzer, ed.)

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Evangelical Press

The ‘Jonathan Edwards for the Church’ conference met in February 2014 in Durham, England. Not a dry academic, historical conference of little or no relevance to real life, this meeting heard papers that showed the relevance of Edwards for today’s church.

Foreword by Joel R. Beeke


Table of Contents: 

The Means of Grace

1. Directing Souls: What Pastors today can Learn from Edwards’ Ministry – Gerald R. McDermott

2. Faithful Ministers are Conduits of the Means of Grace – William M. Schweitzer

3. When the Road is Rough: Staying with what Matters Most – Roy Mellor

4. Jonathan Edwards: Pastor-Apologist – Jeffrey C. Waddington

5. Jonathan Edwards: Missionary to the Indians – Jon D. Payne

6. The Influence of Jonathan Edwards on the Church in Britain – John J. Murray

7. Edwards on the Divinity, Necessity and Power of the Word of God in the World – Douglas Sweeney 

8. Jonathan Edwards and the Bible: Christ, the Scope of Scripture – Stephen R.C. Nichols

9. Christ in the Song: How Edwards can help us recover the Song of Solomon – Nicholas T. Batzig

10. Our God is an Awesome God: Communicating Jonathan Edwards’ Vision of God’s Excellencies

Appendix: Wilt Thou Not Revive Us?: A Sermon on Psalm 85:6 – William Macleod



"This collection of essays does more than apply lessons from Edwards’ ministry, however: it is a much needed corrective to the current idea that the gathered church, worshipping God around God’s Word week by week, is somehow inadequate to the needs of contemporary society. On the contrary, the knowledge of God is ministered precisely through the local church, and Edwards is a guide to recovering that vision. The authors have done a great service in helping us catch it." - Iain D Campbell, Free Church of Scotland, Isle of Lewis

"It is not always appreciated that Edwards labored within and for the church. His writings offer tremendous help and encouragement to those who, like Edwards, are called to serve the people of God. One challenge to modern readership is that Edwards’ output is both voluminous and diffuse. ‘Jonathan Edwards for the Church’ has done our generation the invaluable service of compiling and distilling Edwards’ wisdom on the ministry and the means of grace. The essays in this volume will challenge, refresh, and invigorate as they place us at the feet of one who committed his life and energies to the glory of the church’s Head, Jesus Christ." - Guy Prentiss Waters, James M. Baird, Jr. Professor of New Testament Reformed Theological Seminary, Jackson, Mississippi, USA

“The scholars brought together for this project paint for us a clear portrait of a man giving his life in full measure for the advance of God’s people in the gospel of grace.” – Steven J. Lawson, president, OnPassionMinistries, Dallas, Texas, USA

“In Jonathan Edwards for the Church, a collection of pastors and ecclesially-oriented scholars take on the task of putting Edwards’ first things first with valuable results: a book that actually demonstrates how this 18th century pastor can help 21st century pastors fulfill their callings to God’s glory.” – Sean Michael Lucas, Senior Minister, The First Presbyterian Church