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Introduction to Systematic Theology (Westminster Discount) (Berkhof)

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This volume served as an introduction to the 1932 publication of Louis Berkhof’s Reformed Dogmatics, and was revised for the 1938 publication of his Systematic Theology. This volume serves as a prolegomena to Berkhof’s entire systematic, defining dogma, the idea of dogmatic theology, and the relationship of theology to apologetics, ethics, and science. He also outlines the task, method, and history of dogmatics. By explaining the Reformed notion of revelation, inspiration, and human understanding, this volume adds important context and meaning to the Systematic Theology.

What is a dogma and how should it be defined? Are theology or dogmatics necessary? What is the task of theology and what are the methods which it should use? What is religion? Is it possible for God to reveal himself to men, and how? How can we know if the Bible is the Word of God? For those who are considering going to Seminary, to be pastors or simply Christians with ample knowledge of their faith, this is a good book to begin with.


Table of Contents:

The Idea and History of Dogmatic Theology

1. Names Applied to the Systematic Presentation of Theology

2. The Nature of Dogmas

3. The Idea of Dogmatic Theology

4. The Task, Method, and Distribution of Dogmatics

5. History of Dogmatics

The Principia of Dogmatics

1. Principia in General

2. Religion

3. The Principium Cognoscendi Externum (Revelation)

4. The Inspiration of Scripture

5. The Principium Cognoscendi Internum



Professor Berkhof died in 1957, at the age of 83. He was an outstanding American teacher and the author of some 22 books. After two pastorates, he began his long career as professor at Calvin Seminary, Grand Rapids, in 1906. Here he remained for 38 years, devoting his talents and immense stores of knowledge to the training of men for the ministry. His 'Systematic Theology' was his magnum opus, being revised and enlarged during his lifetime until it reached its present final form. Berkhof's loyalty to the well-defined lines of the Reformed Faith, his concise and compact style and his up-to-date treatment have made this work the most important twentieth century compendium of Reformed Theology.