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Gospel Basics: Trusting, Following, and Winning Christ (Bonar)

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In an age of 'information overload' it is so easy to lose sight of what is really important. Andrew Bonar (1810-92) was a man who lived to bring people back to the gospel and to focus their attention on what matters most. It is not hard to see why his preaching and writing was so used of God - his sermons are full of Christ. 'Christ's actual presence with him was the sunshine of his life, and as the years passed that radiance brightened along his path'. 'True godliness is just joy in God', said Bonar, and people saw that reality in the man himself. His life illustrated the great truth so memorably expressed by his friend, Robert Murray M'Cheyne, 'It is not great talents God blesses so much as great likeness to Jesus'.

In sixteen brief chapters, Bonar deals with a wide range of important subjects related to the Christian life, such as, coming to Christ, growing in grace and holiness, and serving the Lord in the work of the gospel.


Table of Contents:


Dr. Andrew Bonar as a Preacher

  1. Dreams Gone; Desolations Come
  2. The Cup of Wrath
  3. Coming to Christ
  4. Love the Lord Jesus
  5. The Holy Spirit
  6. Never Forgiven
  7. What Gives Assurance
  8. Greater Holiness
  9. Victory over Sin
  10. Winning Christ
  11. The Conversion of Children
  12. Angel Workers
  13. Prayer and Fasting
  14. The Great Giver Teaching to Give
  15. The Cloak Left at Troas
  16. 'A Little Wine'



Andrew Alexander Bonar (1810-92), the youngest brother of Horatius, was born in Edinburgh and educated at Edinburgh University. He was ordained at Collace, Perthshire in 1838, where he was minister in the Church of Scotland to the Disruption (1843) and in the Free Church until moving to Finnieston Free Church, Glasgow in 1856. He was Moderator of the Free Church Assembly in 1878. He visited Palestine with Robert Murray M’Cheyne in 1839, and was his friend’s biographer after his early death.



"There is always life and sweetness about the writings of Andrew A. Bonar... We have exceedingly much enjoyed reading several of the chapters...the style and matter are altogether to our mind." --C.H. Spurgeon