Godly Sorrow (Wisse)

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Wisse knew the art of explaining the experiential notions of God's Word. With clarity and conviction he described the leadings of God's Spirit in the lives of His people. in his book translated here, Wisse masterfully delineates the perceptions, feelings, and experiences that arise in a person as he is changed by the grace of God. he emphasizes that the clear touchstone for all experience is the Word of God. he underlines the seriousness of eternity. He stresses the difference between what is true and false, genuine and imitation.

In the Netherlands, this book has been cherished by young and old and has gone though many reprints. it is a privilege to now have this book for the first time in the English language. May it be of spiritual benefit to all those who take the time to read it and search whether these things are so (Acts 17:11).