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God Without Parts: Divine Simplicity and the Metaphysics of God's Absoluteness (Dolezal)

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The doctrine of divine simplicity has long played a crucial role in Western Christianity's understanding of God. If God were composed of parts then something other than the Godhead itself would be required to explain or account for God and he could not rightly be called absolute. James Dolezal develops these arguments by examining he implications of divine simplicity for God's existence, attributes, knowledge, and will. Dolezal interacts extensively with older writers, such as Thomas Aquinas and the Reformed scholastics, as well as more recent philosophers and theologians.


James E. Dolezal is a Research Fellow at the Craig Center for the Study of the Westminster Standards, Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


"Dr. James Dolezal's treatment of divine simplicity, which provides a defense of this doctrine in perhaps its strongest form, is a first-rate piece of work... [It] is the best full-length philosophical treatment of divine simplicity that I know.

Paul Helm, Teaching Fellow, Regent College, Vancouver



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