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Family Worship Bible Commentary: 3 Volume Set (Camp)

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The Family Worship Bible Commentary is a collection of family worship-style devotions on every chapter of the Bible, by over 180 authors from the 19th century Church. These men were mostly Presbyterians, but all were Reformed. They include names such as Thomas Chalmers, James Bannerman, Robert Murray M’Cheyne, Alexander Whyte, Job Orton, Robert Shittler, Daniel Dewar, and others. These men inspired a generation of fathers to bring their families daily before the living God to worship, to pray, and to hear His Word read. Whether you are a father who wishes to read these devotions aloud to his family, or simply to read them ahead of time and glean the main teaching points from them; this work will provide you with a treasure trove of devotional thoughts and comments for your family worship time. Any family would do well to read through the Bible with these godly men by their side, guiding them along as they walk “through the Scriptures with our forefathers.”


“The Family Worship Bible Commentary is packed with a veritable treasure of intellectually stimulating and spiritually rich material designed for family reading and worship but is equally suitable for private worship. We are in Andrew Camp’s debt for bringing all of this valuable material together, and pray that God’s rich blessings may rest upon it also for your family. Heartily recommended!”

--Dr. Joel R. Beeke, President, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids, Michigan


“Anything that can encourage the practice of daily family worship is worthy of support. These volumes are especially helpful in that they not only take a family through the whole Bible but also provide the richest spiritual fayre in the accompanying devotionals. Use daily to transform your family’s lives and even their eternity.” 

--David Murray. Professor of Old Testament and Practical Theology, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary. Author of Jesus on Every Page, Reset: Living a Grace-paced Life in a Burnout Culture, and Exploring the Bible; A Bible Reading Plan for Kids.


“In this blessed day when Family Worship is beginning to be rediscovered, Andrew Camp has given us a very timely tool for discipling our families. In his “Family Worship Bible Commentary,” the Christian father will have a close friend by his side. Each day, when the challenges of this world press against his carrying out his spiritual priorities, he will be assisted by timeless insights from faithful servants; who though dead, yet still speak! O may God be honored as His people learn, through this treasure, to daily cling to His Word, and hope in Him!” 

--Pastor Jerry Marcellino, Audubon Drive Bible Church, Laurel, Mississippi; Co-Founder of The Fellowship of Independent Reformed Evangelicals (FIRE)


“I thank the Lord for Andrew Camp for his labors to bring back these treasures for family worship in the “Family Worship Bible Commentary.” When a family has been instructed in the “whole counsel of God,” the impact is enormous. I pray that God would give our generation a revival of families who journey through the entire Bible year after year and that they will be able to mine this treasure trove as they do.” 

--Scott Brown, President, National Center for Family-Integrated Churches (NCFIC)


“The Nineteenth Century Scots were zealous to reinvigorate the whole field of Reformed faith and practice. This included the revitalizing of Family Worship, a mainstay of Reformed Protestants since the 16th Century. Contributors to the Family Worship Bible Commentary include such Presbyterian luminaries as Thomas Chalmers (1780-1847), James Bannerman (1807-1868), William Cunningham (1805-1861), Robert Murray M’Cheyne (1813-1843), and Alexander Whyte (1836-1921). The revival of family-centered Christian devotion and family-based instruction is one of the great needs in our environment today of aggressive secularism. We are indebted to Andrew Camp for rescuing from the church attic this rich product of the past, dusting it off, and making it available to our families today.”

--Pastor Terry Johnson, Independent Presbyterian Church, Savannah, Georgia; Author of “The Family Worship Book”