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Faith: A Bible Study on James for Women (Folmar)

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Cruciform Press
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James is a letter written to a suffering church to spur them on to live authentic lives of faith. Faith: A Bible Study on James for Women guides you in an in-depth study of the letter of James. One of the few truly inductive Bible studies written for women, Faith will impress the truths of James upon your heart and equip you to more effectively study any book of the Bible. With each week’s chapter divided into sections for five days of study, it can be used as a tool for personal devotions or to guide discussion among groups of any size. Studying James using this resource will cause you to delight in the Scriptures and encourage you to live more effectively for Jesus and his gospel.

Table of Contents:

Week 1: James 1:1–11 — Faith during Trials

Week 2: James 1:12–18 — Faith when Tempted

Week 3: James 1:19-27 — Faith in Action

Week 4: James 2:1–13 — Faithful Love

Week 5: James 2:14-26 — Faith that Works

Week 6: James 3:1–18 — Faith-filled Speech

Week 7: James 4:1-12 — Faith in Relationship

Week 8: James 4:13-5:6 — Faithful Living

Week 9: James 5:7-12 — Faith in Suffering

Week 10: James 5:13-20 — Faithful Prayer


“Keri Folmar encourages us to read God’s Word carefully, to understand clearly, and to apply prayerfully. This study helps us hear James’ call to true faith in Jesus Christ — a faith that works. With simple clarity, Keri guides us not only in studying James but also in learning to study the Bible.” - Kathleen Nielson is author of the Living Word Bible Studies; Director of Women’s Initiatives, The Gospel Coalition; and wife of Niel, who served as President of Covenant College from 2002 to 2012.

“It is hard to imagine a better inductive Bible study tool than this one. So many study tools wander from the biblical text, but Keri Folmar’s study on James concentrates on what James himself says. Also, the message of James for our everyday lives is constantly emphasized. I recommend this book for both individual and group study, for it will enable you to grow in your faith.” - Diane Schreiner, wife of professor, author, and pastor Tom Schreiner and mother of four grown children, has led women’s Bible studies for more than 20 years.

“This study through the Book of James encourages us to have an active faith that works itself out in love. I appreciate the way Keri consistently challenges us to apply God’s Word to our own hearts, and also to our relationships in the body of Christ. This is a great study to do on your own or in partnership with someone who is not yet a Christian, or with someone who struggles with assurance or expresses a desire to have a vibrant life of faith and service to Christ.” - Kristie Anyabwile holds a history degree from NC State University. Her husband, Thabiti, serves as Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church, Grand Cayman, and as a Council Member for The Gospel Coalition.

“What a harvest of righteousness is enjoyed by those who dig deep into the book of James! We all need the wisdom that comes down from above, and this Bible study on James is a true guide. Keri skillfully created this rich resource—and not only that, she put the tools in your hands so you can study God’s word for yourself. Gather your friends to study with you, and enjoy the harvest together.” - Gloria Furman is a pastor’s wife in the Middle East and the author of Glimpses of Grace and Treasuring Christ When Your Hands are Full.

“This book came to me during a deep trial, forcing me to read the book of James and wrestle with Keri’s questions. Keri longs for Christ and her writing bears witness to this. __This study is convicting, in the best of ways. When her penetrating questions pierce the heart, Keri doesn’t lead the reader to a stagnating self-pity or worldly grief over sins. A faithful teacher of the Scriptures, she prods the reader to a godly sorrow and a deeper faith in Jesus. I respect Keri greatly, especially for tackling the book of James. Her theology is sound and her wisdom rings through. I highly recommend this book for either personal study or for groups.” -  Luma Simms, author of Gospel Amnesia: Forgetting the Goodness of the News and Counterfeit Me