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Eternity Realized: A Guide to the Thoughtful (Philip)

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In "Eternity Realized: A Guide to the Thoughtful," Philip guides the reader to the borders of Immanuel's land. Too often, Christians neglect the practise of being heavenly minded. Philip reminds us of our duty to meditate on heaven and the danger we place our soul in when we disregard this task. Yet, more than just pointing out a mere duty, Philip places key aspects of the Christian life in the light of eternity and gives practical helps in cultivating a delight in heavenly things. Read, ponder, and experience how developing the habit of realizing the eternal world to come will help you keep this world in its proper place.

Table of Contents:

1. Duty of Realizing Eternity

2. The Possibility of Realizing Eternity

3. The Excuses for not Realizing Eternity

4. Nominal Faith, from not Realizing Eternity

5. Spiritual Declension, from not Realizing Eternity

6. Faith, Believing unto Eternal Life

7. Eternity Realized in the Sanctuary

8. Eternity Realized at the Sacrament

9. Eternity Realized at Home

10. Christ, the Glory of Eternity



Robert Philip (1791-1858) was born in Huntly in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. He became a minister for Newbington Chapel in Liverpool in 1815, serving them for ten years. In 1826, he took up the pastorate at the Maberly Chapel in London, where he ministered faithfully until 1855. He wrote a number of experiential manuals and biographical tributes, which circulated in both Britain and the United States.