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EBOOK Devoted to the Service of the Temple: Piety, Persecution, and Ministry in the Writings of Hercules Collins - Profiles in Reformed Spirituality - EBOOK (Haykin & Weaver, eds.)

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While largely forgotten in modern times, Hercules Collins (1646/1702) was highly influential among the late 17th and early 18th century Calvinistic Baptists of London. Through a biographical sketch and 35 sample selections collected from Collin's writings, Michael A.G. Haykin and Stee Weaver introduce us to the vibrant spirituality of this colossal figure.


Table of Contents:  

  1. An old gospel
  2. Preaching from prison
  3. The Christ-finding soul
  4. Hold fast what thou hast
  5. God is the gospel
  6. The mercy of repentance
  7. Prison comforts
  8. Leaning on the promises
  9. Spiritual liberty
  10. Divine sovereignty and human responsibility
  11. God’s eternal will
  12. A sovereign and supreme will
  13. God – “everything personally present”
  14. Submitting to God’s will
  15. Words of light
  16. The sweetness of the Word in the school of affliction
  17. The value of the ordinances in the school of affliction
  18. Singing – “sweet incense”
  19. “Grace sweetens the music”
  20. Training elders within the Church
  21. The essential necessity of the Holy Spirit
  22. The art of preaching
  23. The value of pastoral ministry
  24. Some rules for interpreting Scripture
  25. Plain preaching
  26. Sermon preparation
  27. Preaching “the whole counsel of God”
  28. Some nuggets of advice about preaching
  29. The use of notes in preaching
  30. Calling a pastor
  31. Praying for the outpouring of the Spirit
  32. The laying on of hands
  33. Peace
  34. The believer’s ultimate comfort
  35. “For thy blest Temple’s sake”  

Appendix: John Piggott’s funeral sermon for Hercules Collins 


Series Description 

Seeking, then, both to honor the past and yet not idolize it, we are issuing these books in the series Profiles in Reformed Spirituality. The design is to introduce the spirituality and piety of the Reformed Profiles in Reformed Spirituality tradition by presenting descriptions of the lives of notable Christians with select passages from their works. This combination of biographical sketches and collected portions from primary sources gives a taste of the subjects’ contributions to our spiritual heritage and some direction as to how the reader can find further edification through their works. It is the hope of the publishers that this series will provide riches for those areas where we are poor and light of day where we are stumbling in the deepening twilight.



Michael A. G. Haykin is professor of church history and biblical spirituality at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky. 

Steve Weaver is the pastor of West Broadway Baptist Church in Lenoir City, Tennessee



"Hercules Collins is one of the great figures from our Bapitst heritage - a heritage who suffered much for the cause of Christ and left a great legacy for generations that followed. There is something especially compelling about the witness of a man who was oppressed and imprisoned for his faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. The witness of Hercules Collins as pastor, prisoner, and preacher is worthy of the closest attention in our own times. We are indebted to Michael Haykin and Steve Weaver for bringing Hercules Collins to life for a new generation." - R. Albert Mohler, Jr.