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Building on the Rock Series, Vol. 1: How God Used a Thunderstorm, and Other Devotional Stories (Beeke & Kleyn)

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The mountains are dark and looming as the lightening splits across the sky. The forest offers shelter and in the distance the traveler spots a lamp. Rushing towards the door, he doesn't realize that someone has planned this journey. There is a woman in the house who needs to hear about her loving Savior, Jesus Christ. God has sent the traveler to tell her about Himself. There are lots of stories in this book. Read about the thunderstorm, hidden treasure, and a Bible in a suitcase as well as many other stories about how we should live for God and read his word.


  1. A Faithful Slave
  2. A Gentle Spirit
  3. An Enemy in Disguise
  4. Beware of Bad Friends!
  5. Bless and Curse Not
  6. Fighting Against Sin
  7. Forgiveness
  8. Help with School Work
  9. Learning to Pray
  10. Praying Soldiers
  11. Simple Trust
  12. The Bible in the Suitcase
  13. The Blessing of Childlike Faith
  14. The Contented Pastor
  15. The Dead Raven
  16. The Party
  17. The Damage of Gossip
  18. ‘Thou God Seest Me’
  19. Unceasing Prayer
  20. A Little Girl and Her Bible
  21. All in One
  22. God’s Word is Powerful
  23. Hidden Treasure
  24. How God Used a Thunderstorm
  25. Learning by Heart
  26. Mary Jones and Her Bible
  27. Perfect
  28. Samusili’s Book
  29. The Best Prescription
  30. The Boy and the Bible
  31. The Old Shoemaker
  32. Two Rich Boys
  33. Words of Life


"There are introductions to the world of the imagination in which everything seems new, painted with bright, delicious, and painful colors. No enjoyment can compare to they craving for a story being satisfied. When such tales are joined to eternal truths and winsome lessons, never to be forgotten, what family delights are displayed." - Geoff Thomas.


Joel R. Beeke (PhD, Westminster Seminary) is president and professor of systematic theology and homiletics at Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary; a pastor of the Heritage Reformed Congregation in Grand Rapids, Michigan; editor of Banner of Sovereign Grace Truth; editorial director of Reformation Heritage Books; and a prolific author.

Diana Kleyn is a member of the Heritage Netherlands Reformed Congregation in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She is the mother of three children, and has a heart for helping children understand and embrace the truths of God's Word. She writes monthly for the children's section in The Banner of Sovereign Grace Truth magazine, and is co-author with Joel R. Beeke of the series Building on the Rock.