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All Things are Ready: Understanding the Gospel in its Fullness and Freeness (Maclean)

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It is one of the glories of the gospel that it is universal in scope. There is nothing narrow or limited about the good news of salvation, but we often need reminded of this. When the world seems increasingly hostile the Church can be tempted to retreat in on itself. Donald John Maclean seeks to remind Christians of the fullness and freeness of the gospel, and to encourage them to share it with those who have not yet turned to Christ.

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Donald John MacLean is an elder in Cambridge Presbyterian Church where he preaches regularly. He is a Trustee of the Banner of Truth and editor of Foundations, the theological journal of Affinity. He is married to Ruth and has two children, Hannah and Jonathan.



"In a day of cool communication, Donald John MacLean makes the case for warm, wholehearted and unrestrained gospel proclamation. This book made me want to preach. It is a treasure for all who love the gospel of Jesus Christ." - Colin S. Smith, Senior Pastor, The Orchard, Arlington Heights, Illinois and President, Unlocking the Bible

"The gospel of Jesus Christ is the greatest news the world has ever known. As Christians, we need to tell everyone about it. In this well–written book, Donald John Maclean expertly and concisely takes readers through the biblical, theological, and practical reasons why the gospel invitation is for all people." - John W. Tweedale, Academic Dean and Professor of Theology, Reformation Bible College, Sanford, Florida