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A Hunger for More

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How Our Hunger Leads Us Closer to Jesus

Many Christians—especially those who have grown up in the church—seem to have “good” lives, free from extreme hardship and scandalous sin. Yet even this good life leaves them longing. Regardless of our backgrounds and circumstances, all of us have a deep hunger that only Jesus can satisfy. 

In this book, Amy DiMarcangelo invites readers to feast at the table of grace, where they will find God’s vast glory and intimate care, his strength made perfect in weakness, and his gifts of joy and comfort. Even the most hungry Christians will be encouraged that they “may be filled with all the fullness of God” (Ephesians 3:19).

  • Encouragement for Christian Women: Written to help both new and mature Christians embrace their need for Christ and find satisfaction in him alone
  • Biblical: Unfolds the unsearchable glories of God through his word
  • Discussion Questions and Recommended Books: Provides an opportunity for group study and further reflection
  • Published in partnership with the Gospel Coalition

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Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: Craving Wonder
Chapter 2: Craving Love
Chapter 3: Craving Grace
Chapter 4: Craving Truth
Chapter 5: Craving Change
Chapter 6: Craving Strength
Chapter 7: Craving Happiness
Chapter 8: Craving Comfort
Chapter 9: Craving Community
Chapter 10: Craving Mission



Amy DiMarcangelo is a regular contributor at the Gospel Coalition. She also writes about discipleship, mission, and books at her website, Amy is a graduate student at Westminster Theological Seminary and lives in New Jersey with her husband and three children.



“In this book, Amy DiMarcangelo sets a lavish table for those of us who perpetually crave more. Her well-crafted content repeatedly points to God, the only one who satisfies our deepest longings. Having tasted what this world offers, are you still hungry? Read and feast.”
Katie Faris, author, He Will Be Enough: How God Takes You by the Hand Through Your Hardest Days

“Encouraged, convicted, joyful, humbled, and full of hope. These are the things I experienced as I read A Hunger for More. To truly hunger for God and all he is can seem like such an overwhelming journey. But Amy so boldly draws us to the Father and his character, doing so with such beautiful compassion and truth. These words will be great encouragement to anyone who is longing for a hunger for God!”
Lauren Eberspacher, author, From Blacktop to Dirt Road and Midnight Lullabies

“This is a worship-inducing read. With both deep theology and winsome devotion, Amy lifts our gaze onto our wondrous and good God. A Hunger for More is a nourishing feast and a balm for weary readers.”
Jen Oshman, author, Enough about Me: Find Lasting Joy in the Age of Self

“Who doesn’t want to be satisfied? But so often, the things—even the good things—that we fill our lives with leave us empty. We crave something better. In A Hunger for More, Amy DiMarcangelo spreads a feast for women who have enjoyed plenty but have never had enough. With beautifully crafted sentences and biblical depth, DiMarcangelo serves readers course after course of only the best fare. In these pages, women can savor the richness of God himself. Are you hungry?”
Megan Hill, author, Praying Together and A Place to Belong; Managing Editor, The Gospel Coalition

A Hunger for More invites us to stare down our desires and find our God sufficient to satisfy. Amy DiMarcangelo identifies—with wisdom and humility—the cravings that tempt our hearts, then entices us with the rich offerings found in our God. In each chapter her words serve to turn the diamond of the beauty of his character and promises. I found myself pausing my reading to stop and worship. A Hunger for More will confront your empty desires and offer the sweet satisfaction of being filled to all the fullness of God.”
Jamie C. Finn, Executive Director, Foster the Family; author, Foster the Family: Encouragement, Hope, and Practical Help for the Christian Foster Parent