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Hebrews - Geneva Series of Commentaries (Brown)

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‘A great expositor, always deep, full and overflowing.’ — C.H. SPURGEON

Commentaries generally belong to one of two categories. Either they aim at a devotional thoroughness which lays no great emphasis on the exact meaning of individual words, or they concentrate on such a detailed examination of the text that the spirit and power of the book is largely lost. Among the few commentators who stand between these two positions is Dr. John Brown of Edinburgh (1784-1858).

By seeking to develop a style of exposition that was both edifying to his congregation and valuable to his divinity students, he produced commentaries which, in the words of Dr. William Cunningham, ‘formed a marked era in the history of Scriptural Interpretation’. Not behind the foremost contemporary scholars in his emphasis on correct exegesis, he nevertheless sought not only that the minds of his readers might be brought ‘into immediate contact with the mind of the Spirit’ but that their whole being might be resigned to ‘the empire of the Word of God’.


Table of Contents: 


1. Of the Author of the Epistle

2. Of those to whom the Epistle was written

3. Of the Original Language and Style of the Epistle

4. Of the Date and Place of the Epistle

5. Of the Canonicity of the Epistle

6. Of the Subject and Division of the Epistle

7. Of the Interpreters of the Epistle

Part 1 – Doctrinal (Heb. 1-10:18)

1. The Superiority of Jesus Christ to the Angels, Essential and Official

2. The Superiority of Jesus Christ to Moses

3. The Superiority of Jesus Christ to the Aaronical Priesthood

Part 2 – Practical (Heb. 10:19-13:25)