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The Christian's Great Interest - Puritan Paperbacks (Guthrie)

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‘One of the greatest divines that ever wrote.’ — John Owen

All of Guthrie’s teaching and pastoral experience were poured into this work – his only book. The remarkable fact that is has gone through more than eighty editions and been translated into several languages testifies to its value. This book describes in a clear and attractive style what it means to be a Christian, and how to become one.

Table of Contents: 

Part 1: The Trial of Saving Interest in Christ 

1. Things Premised for the Better Understanding of the Trial Itself 

2. The Various Ways by Which Men are Drawn to Christ 

3. Of Faith as an Evidence of an Interest in Christ 

4. Of the New Creature as an Evidence of an Interest in Christ 

5. The Difference Between the True Christian and the Hypocrite 

6. Reasons Why Some Believers Doubt Their Interest in Christ 

Part 2: How to Attain a Saving Interest in Christ 

1. Some Things Premised for the Information of the Ignorant 

2. What It is to Close with God’s Gospel Plan of Saving Sinners by Christ Jesus, and the Duty of so Doing 

3. Objections and Difficulties Explained and Answered 

4. Concerning Personal Covenanting with God in Christ