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Samuel Rutherford: A New Biography of the Man and His Ministry (Rendell)

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Rutherford played a major role as a reformer at the Westminster Assembly and was also a crucial figure in the establishment of Presbyterianism for Scotland in 1689. Rutherford's 'Lex Rex' heavily influenced John Locke and in turn, the framers of the US Constitution and Declaration of Independence. Thus Jefferson, Franklin, Madison and Hamilton discussed and formulated their work in the light of the work and opinions of Samuel Rutherford. Several biographies have been written to eulogise Samuel Rutherford but little has been done to consider the man and his work critically. Kingsley Rendell uses Rutherford's writings and contemporary material to present a comprehensive picture of him from his student days to his death in 1661. Usually described as a model preacher and pastor, Rendell shows he had an even greater ability as an apologist and propagandist.


"Readers who know little of the life of Samuel Rutherford in its tangled and political context will find a reliable guide in Kingsley Rendell. This is no uncritical hagiography... Those who have never encountered this relentless controversialist and master-wordsmith should start here." - David Wright, (1937-2008) Senior Lecturer in Ecclesiastical History, New College, University of Edinburgh

"His 'Lex, Rex' was publicly burned by the order of the civil authority and is seen by some as a root of our modern political theories but Rutherford is a complex figure.' Kingsley Rendell's study provides the welcome service of putting this important and interesting figure in the context of his times and of the church controversies in which he was involved." - William Barker, Professor of Church History, Emeritus, Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"This is a short but scholarly work which will prove very helpful to all who have serious interest in Covenanting history. It is a fitting biography of the man who, though thrust into the public eye both in Scotland and England, is still best known as 'the good pastor of Antwoth." - The Covenanter Witness, Magazine of the Reformed Presbyterian Churches of Scotland and Ireland

"All who read this book will benefit from the example of a man whose goal in life was to show others all the loveliness of Christ." - Evangelical Times