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Opening up Nahum (Anderson)

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In Nahum's prophecy, we see the Lord's involvement in history as the ultimate Judge and King of all men. It deals with the difficult subject of God's righteous wrath against sin, which is practically demonstrated in the book of Nahum as his vengeance revealed in Nineveh's overthrow. Yet even in this, the grace and mercy of God in salvation shines through to bring hope to his people. Here is a guide to help the reader gain an understanding of this difficult subject and to see its relevance to the twenty-first century.



Clive Anderson is the Pastor of the Butts Church in Alton, Hampshire, and a member of The British Museum Society, The British School of Archaeology in Iraq, The Egyptian Exploration Society and The Tyndale Society. He leads tours to the Middle East and Egypt, and is the author of 'Travel with C. H. Spurgeon' and co-author with Brian Edwards of 'Through the British Museum with the Bible', both published by Day One. He and his wife, Amanda, have one son.



"Clive Anderson has done a fine job in research to illuminate the historical background of the prophet Nahum...for the majority of church members to whom the book may be rather obscure. He then takes these principles of Nahum and applies them to New Testament teaching and to modern life. I think it is especially good for a local church Bible study group." - Rev. Herbert E. Apel

"Clive Anderson's portrayal of the historical backgrounds to the events found in this book, plus the questions for further study, are extremely helpful." - Rev. Peter J. Croft