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On the Law in General: Sources in Early Modern Economics, Ethics, and Law (Zanchi)

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On the Law in General is a single chapter of Girolamo Zanchi's  Tractatus de Redemptione, part of what has been called an unfinished Protestant "summa" akin to that of Thomas Aquinas. In this selection Zanchi examines the relationship of the natural law to human law, church tradition, custom, divine laws, and the Mosaic law, offering a rigorous analysis of the nature of law in general, constituting a seminal work in early modern political and legal theory.

Table of Contents:

Introduction by Stephen J. Grabill

On the Law in General

  1. On the Law Through which Comes Knowledge of Sin 
  2. On Natural Law 
  3. On Human Laws 
  4. On the Traditions of the Church 
  5. On Custom and Title 
  6. On Divine Laws 
  7. On the Laws of the Jewish State 
  8. On the Ceremonial Laws



Girolamo Zanchi (1516-1590) was an Italian reformer who fled persecution to eventually settle in Strasbourg as professor of Old Testament at the College of Saint Thomas. He was later appointed in Heidelberg as professor of theology at the University there. His work is characterized by an impressive synthesis of Reformed theology, Thomism, and the scholastic method.