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The Law and the Gospel (Reisinger)

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Table of Contents: 

1. Values Gone Awry

2. In the Beginning

3. The Law Before Sinai

4. The Giving of the Law at Sinai

5. The Importance of the Moral Law

6. Difficulties (1): The Meaning of Law

7. Difficulties (2): Law, Liberty, and Antinomianism

8. Principles for Understanding

the Ten Commandments

9. Does Human Inability Make God Unjust?

10. God’s Law and God’s Love

11. The Law and the Savior

12. The Law and Grace

13. The Relationship of the Law, Moses, and Christ (1)

14. The Relationship of the Law, Moses, and Christ (2)

15. The Right and Wrong Uses of the Law

16. The Gospel, Our Trust

Appendix A: Calvin on the Covenant

Appendix B: For Further Reading



“Reisinger charts a trustworthy and rewarding course through the narrow passage. He does so…as a fellow pilgrim, a pastor, and a teacher in the church of Jesus Christ. His passion for the subject comes through on every page…This book not only should be read but should be studied diligently by every child of God who has any interest in seeing biblical Christianity flourish in our churches once again.” - Dr. Tom Ascol, Author, President of Founders Ministries, Senior Pastor of Grace Baptist Church Cape Coral, FL

“Legalism and antinomianism are continual threats to the gospel of Jesus Christ. These threats have been around from the very beginning. They are pressing themselves upon the church today. If we would be faithful to Christ and His saving message then we must understand the law and the gospel. What is the gospel? What law are Christians to obey? Why are we to obey it? How are we to obey it? This book helps answer these foundational questions to the Christian life. It is a valuable resource as believers seek to trust and obey the Lord Jesus.” - Dr. Jared Longshore, Vice President of Founders Ministries, Associate Pastor of Grace Baptist Church, Cape Coral, FL

“The relationship between law and gospel is an important key to an understanding of the entire biblical revelation. The purpose of Christ’s incarnation, the nature of justification and sanctification, concepts of justice and righteousness, and the standards by which we will be judged in the day of Christ all fit within the framework of law and gospel. Ernie Reisinger never lost focus on these issues during his entire Christian ministry and has contributed much to give clarity on these important biblical teachings. This book is a must for today’s preachers as we seek to maintain a healthy grasp of our task of being heralds of the gospel.” - Dr. Tom Nettles, Author, Board Member of Founders Ministries, Retired Professor of Historical Theology at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, KY