Mammon: Covetousness - The Sin of the Christian Church (Harris)

Tentmaker Publications

It is said we all have our blind spot. The church is no exception and each generation needs to be made aware of sins that are overlooked and therefore not addressed. If there is one commandment that is neglected today it must surely be, "You shall not covet." Few popular books address this and yet it is an issue that receives almost disproportionate treatment in Scripture.

Though written nearly one hundred and seventy years ago, and in the style of that time, this treatment has lost nothing of its pertinence. With the skill of an experience surgeon, he dissects and exposes the far reaches of the cancer of covetousness. His description of the sin is comprehensive and thorough, showing how it is a root of all manner of evil.

This book is not comfortable reading but comes with a message that is vital for today's Christians to heed. It is not a theoretical treatment, but an urgent appeal to repentance and change.