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God's Light on Dark Clouds (Cuyler)

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It has been said that 2 Corinthians 1:4 deserves to be written in letters of gold, for it is one of the hardest and noblest works in all Christianity to be able to bring divine comfort to others in trouble; and yet by sufferings God fits and prepares his people for this noble and difficult service.

Theodore L. Cuyler was thus divinely fitted for the great task of comforting God’s suffering people. Fourteen years after losing two of his children in their infancy, this one-time pastor of Lafayette Avenue Presbyterian Church, Brooklyn, New York, lost a daughter at the age of twenty-one. In the pain-filled months following this deeply felt bereavement he penned the short chapters that make up this little book. A bestseller when first published in 1882, its pages offer hope for the desponding, consolation for the bereaved, and light for those in darkness.


Table of Contents: 

  1. God’s light on dark clouds
  2. Burning the barley-field
  3. Weeping and working
  4. Short views
  5. Flowers from the tomb of Jesus
  6. Trusting God in the dark
  7. God’s school, and its lessons
  8. God’s unfoldings
  9. Christ shepherding his flock
  10. The everlasting arms
  11. Words for the weary
  12. The Lord reigns
  13. Up to the hills
  14. Right seeing
  15. The Lord our strength
  16. A constant salvation
  17. Healthy and happy
  18. The angels of the sepulcher
  19. The night-lodging and the day-dawn
  20. Our two homes
  21. Asleep in Jesus
  22. An autumn hour in Greenwood
  23. Note: Louise Ledyard Cuyler

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