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Disputations on Holy Scripture (Whitaker)

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The Puritans were Christians guided by Scripture, not the dictates of man. When faced with a choice between submitting to man and obeying God, they chose to follow the will of Christ. Today, we regard these men as heroes for remaining true to their consciences held captive by the Word of God.

In Disputations on Holy Scripture, William Whitaker explains and defends the doctrine of sola Scriptura. Throughout his life, Whitaker vigorously defended his views. During one memorable debate, an observer noted that Whitaker “cut off the head of his antagonist with his own weapons.” Whitaker’s views on Scripture also provided the basis for the chapter of the Westminster Confession of Faith on “The Holy Scriptures.”


Table of Contents:

Preface to the Controversies

Question the First of the First Controversy: Of the number of the Canonical Books of Scripture

Question the Second: Of the Authentic Edition and Versions of the Scriptures 

Question the Third: Of the Authority of Scripture

Question the Fourth: Of the Perspicuity of Scripture

Question the Fifth: Of the Interpretation of Scripture

Question the Sixth: Of the Perfection of Scripture, against Unwritten Traditions  



William Whitaker (1547-1595) (sometimes spelled "Whitacre") attended Trinity College and received his Doctorate of Divinity degree fro Oxford. A master debater on the role of Scripture in the church, these writings present the Biblical context of the doctrine of Sola Scriptura.


“Since the Reformation only a few godly servants of the truth have invested the time and effort necessary to produce for God’s people a full-orbed defense of Scriptural sufficiency against those who would subject Scripture to external authorities. William Whitaker was one of those servants, and his work should be carefully studied by all concerned shepherds of Christ’s flock.” – Dr. James White, Director, Alpha and Omega Ministries 


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