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Devoted to God: Blueprints for Sanctification (Ferguson)

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Christians are transformed by the renewing of their minds. They understand that in large measure how they think about the gospel will determine how they will live for God’s glory. They learn to allow the word of God to do its own work, informing and influencing the way they think in order to shape the way they live.

In a series of Scripture-enriched chapters Sinclair B. Ferguson’s Devoted to God works out this principle in detail. It provides what he describes as ‘blueprints for sanctification’—an orderly exposition of central New Testament passages on holiness. Devoted to God thus builds a strong and reliable structural framework for practical Christian living. It stresses the foundational importance of fundamental issues such as union with Christ, the rhythms of spiritual growth, the reality of spiritual conflict, and the role of God’s law. Here is a fresh approach to an always relevant subject, and a working manual to which the Christian can turn again and again for biblical instruction and spiritual direction.


Sinclair Buchanan Ferguson retired in 2013 as Senior Minister of First Presbyterian Church in Columbia, South Carolina, and returned to his native Scotland. Prior to this he held the Charles Krahe chair for Systematic Theology at Westminster Theological Seminary and served Church of Scotland congregations in Unst (Shetland) and Glasgow (St George’s Tron). He received his Ph.D. from the University of Aberdeen (1971).

Table of Contents:


Introduction ix
1 The Ground-Plan 1
2 All of Me 31
3 Prepositions of Grace 55
4 A Different Kind of Death 71
5 Conflict Zone 93
6 The New Rhythm 111
7 In for the Kill 139
8 The Law Goes Deep 161
9 Keep Going 189
10 The Ultimate Goal 213
1 The Trinity in the New Testament 237
2 ‘We Died to Sin … He Died to Sin’ 241
3 The Conversion of Saul of Tarsus 257
4 The Fourth Commandment 261
5 The ‘Blueprint Passages’ 271





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