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You, Your Family and the Internet

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How may Christians better understand the dangers and opportunities offered by the Internet? This book resource, written by an expert in the field, explains and illustrates what the technologies are and guides readers to draw on biblical principles (such as self-control and accountability) to help them to apply these to the dangers at hand. It also encourages believers to make the best use of opportunities that arise from judicious use of the World Wide Web.

Table of Contents:

Foreword (Dr. Joel Beeke)

  1. Introduction
  2. So What?
  3. The Bad, the Good and a Dose of History
  4. Communication
  5. Facebook and the Social Network Revolution
  6. Pornography
  7. If It's Free, then You are the Product...
  8. Internet Games
  9. Internet Gambling
  10. News and Views
  11. Five Principles to Learn From
  12. Five Principles to Run With

Endorsements  Today some two billion people around the world use the Internet. Almost 80% of North Americans are connected to the web. But even as we use it, few of us understand the dizzying array of its applications and implications. David Clark guides us through the complexities of the Internet with simple, clear explanations. Even better, he unveils the spiritual implications of the Internet, both positive and negative. Pastors, parents, and teachers will greatly appreciate this book, as will the everyday Christian who, like me, is struggling to keep up with the ever-expanding universe of cyber-space, desiring to use it to God’s glory and the welfare of our families and Christ’s church. - Dr. Joel Beeke, President, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids, Michigan

"Much has been written about living as Christians in this digital world; much more will be written in the days and years to come. The unique strength of David Clark’s contribution is in his application of key biblical principles that will guide our use of these technologies and inform our dedication to them." - Tim Challies, Author and Blogger, Ontario, Canada

This excellent little book should be in every Christian home. Christians would also do well to share copies with their unbelieving friends. David Clark masterfully takes us through the various aspects of the bewildering world of Internet technology, shows the dangers associated with each, and gives commonsense advice for avoiding those dangers. His ‘Five Principles to Learn From’ and ‘Five Principles to Run With’ (chapters 11 and 12) provide extremely valuable ways for Christians to get a handle on the Internet. - Roger Ellsworth, Pastor with an itinerant ministry, and author of over thirty books

"If you or your children use the Internet, buy and use this book! David Clark combines his expert technical knowledge of the field with a sensitive use of biblical principles to help us navigate the pitfalls and garner the benefits of the technology which we use every day. The result is a skilful blend of useful information and wise Christian counsel." - Robert Strivens, Principal, London Theological Seminary