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William III and the Revolution of 1688 & Gustavus Adolphus II (Bowen)

Inheritance Publications

1. William III and the Revolution of 1688

The Revolution of 1688 may or may not have been ‘glorious’; to must it has come to mean the beginning of an era of settled government, of commercial prosperity, of religious freedom, of parliamentary rule and popular liberty.

William of Orange, the man who had risked most and striven hardest in the crisis of 1688, received his reward, the gratification of combining a huge coalition with England against Louis XIV. 

2. Gustavus Adolphus II

Since the life of Gustavus Adolphus II shows many similarities with that of William III, it is a good and fitting companion in this edition. 



"I recommend this book without any hesitation. The two biographies make excellent reading, and the times the essays describe are of considerable interest and importance in the history of our civilization. Moreover, although Bowen obviously is not one in faith with Gustavus Adolphus and William of Orange, her essays relate incidents that are testimonials to God's mercies in preserving His Church. Remembering these mercies, we may take courage for the present and for the future." --F.G. Oosterhoff in Reformed Perspective