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The Treasure of the Secret Cove (Le Feuvre)

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Lamplighter Publications

In a day when God’s view of marriage is under attack and gender roles are hotly debated, this novel clears the muddy waters and allows the reader to vicariously experience the way in which these roles are worked out through life’s challenges, brokenness, and redemption. The Treasure of the Secret Cove promises to stir up discussion on issues of monumental importance for today’s families.

Mystery, drama, heroism, villainy, greed, tragedy, murder, revenge, betrayal, heartbreak, and redemption can all be found in this masterpiece. From the beginning, you will find yourself in the midst of tenuous relationships that expose the hidden secrets of the heart.

With rich imagination, Amy Le Feuvre has created a cast of colorful characters as she weaves together the themes of salvation and marriage. An independent wife and a self-absorbed husband, a tempted-but-pious parson amidst a village of greedy citizens, along with a daring plan, a concealed treasure, and a secret cove, will undoubtedly keep you in thrilling suspense.

If you enjoyed The Hidden Hand and Ishmael, you can be sure The Treasure of the Secret Cove will exceed the standard you’ve come to expect from a Lamplighter book. It not only reveals a biblical ideal of marriage, it answers significant questions one might have concerning the true salvation of one’s soul.