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The Pigtail and Chopsticks Man: The Story of J. Hudson Taylor and the China Inland Mission (Cromarty)

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Evangelical Press

Not long before he died, the missionary Hudson Taylor commented: “There is nothing small; and there is nothing great: only God is great, and we should trust him fully.”

This was the testimony of a man who lived this out in full as he devoted his whole life to serving God by taking the gospel to the people of China. His unfailing faith and total reliance upon God to sustain and keep him during the extreme difficulties and opposition, and his unflinching desire to reach the lost throughout that dark and distant land, was proved on many occasions. He truly was a unique and remarkable man, and an example to us all.

In this edition Jim Cromarty relates details of Hudson’s sacrificial life in an exciting and lively style for today’s readers, especially young people. Not only does it highlight the spiritual and practical lessons we can learn, but is particularly useful for parents to read with their children, as it also includes at the end of each chapter some questions or thoughts for further discussion.



Jim Cromarty is a retired minister of the Presbyterian Church of Eastern Australia.