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The Lost Art of True Beauty: The Set-Apart Girl's Guide to Feminine Grace (Ludy)

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Harvest House Publishers

Sensuality equals beauty—that’s what today’s young women are learning from our sex-obsessed society.  Millions of 20somethings are caught up in trying to look like fashion models, movie stars, or the hottest new pop singer and end up plagued by insecurity, eating disorders, and sexual promiscuity. 

Bestselling author and speaker Leslie Ludy shares a different vision for feminine loveliness as God intended it to be—the breathtaking radiance of a young woman who has been transformed by Christ from the inside out.   With candid personal stories, practical advice, and inspiration, Leslie leads young women on a life-changing journey to become women of feminine grace, beauty, and enduring style.

Leslie inspires girls toward inner changes but also talks about practical social grace and manners, how to dress beautifully, and even how to create a warm and lovely environment in the home.  Clearly, true beauty is more than skin deep. 

Table of Contents:

  1. The Vision: Exploring God’s Pattern for Feminine Loveliness
  2. Selfless Beauty: The Captivating Charm of a Gracious Woman
  3. The Art of Social Grace: Showcasing Selfless Beauty in Everyday Life
  4. Excelling in manners: Social Grace Secret #1
  5. Becoming Socially Sensitive: Social Grace Secret #2
  6. Dressing with Selfless Style: Social Grace Secret #3
  7. Sacred Beauty: The Enchanting Mystery of a Guarded Woman
  8. The Secrets of Sacred Living: Showcasing Feminine Mystique in everyday Life
  9. Excelling at the Sacred Art of Hospitality: Showcasing Christlike Love in Everyday Life
  10. Awakening to the Romance of Life: Cherishing the Adventure of Each Day
  11. Noble Beauty: The Refreshing Radiance of a Forgiving Woman

Questions and Answers: Eating Disorders, Physical Flaws, Body Image Obsession, and More 

Final Thoughts: Beauty in a Nutshell 



Leslie Ludy is the bestselling author of Set-Apart Femininity, When God Writes Your Love Story, Authentic Beauty, and more than a dozen other books she has coauthored with her husband, Eric. She reaches thousands of young women each year and is passionate about helping them discover Christ’s design for their lives. Leslie and Eric live with their three children in Colorado.