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The Face of Jesus Christ: The Person and Work of Our Lord (Brown)

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A friend once said to Archibald Brown that the sermons he found most helpful and enjoyable were simple sermons. 'What do you mean by a simple sermon?', his pastor replied. The answer was, 'One that is all about the Lord.' This book contains many of Archibald Brown's outstanding sermons on the Person and Work of Christ. It takes the reader to the heart of Brown's ministry with an attractiveness and relevance that will never dim.

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Table of Contents: 

1 The Face of Jesus Christ 1
2 Jesus Christ, the Eternal and Immutable God 13
3 Christ’s Lordship over Nature 25
4 ‘He Wrote of Me’ 37
5 When the Wine Fails 49
6 ‘I Say unto Thee, Arise’ 61
7 A Story the Master Told 71
8 Jesus Speaks as Only God Can 83
9 Finding It as He Said 95
10 On His Heart and Shoulder 109
11 The Heads of Christ’s Last Sermon 119
12 The Death, Resurrection, and Revelation of Jesus Christ 131
13 ‘Signs Following’—What? 145
14 ‘I, Jesus’ 157
15 The Return of Our Lord 169
16 Precious Jesus 183
17 The Saviour’s Defence of Sublime Devotion 197
18 The Marks of the Lord Jesus 209
19 Ashamed of Christ? 223
20 Despised by Man, Exalted by God 233
21 The Challenger and His Challenge 247
22 The Two Feasts 261
  Epilogue: ‘That Little Bit’ 273



Archibald Geikie Brown (1844-1922) was impressed in boyhood under the ministry of C. H. Spurgeon in the Surrey Music Hall and Exeter Hall, but was actually led to decision for Christ through a personal appeal made to him by S. A. Blackwood. His name became a household word in East London, and the Tabernacle witnessed many memorable scenes—none, perhaps, more remarkable than the great Saturday evening prayer meetings which formed a fitting prelude to Sundays of grace and power.