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The Cambridge Companion to Jonathan Edwards (Stein)

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Cambridge University Press
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Long recognized as ‘America's theologian’, Jonathan Edwards (1703–1758) is seen as instrumental in the Great Awakening of the 1740s that gripped much of New England and that laid the groundwork for an American Protestant religious identity. This Cambridge Companion offers a general, comprehensive introduction to Jonathan Edwards and examines his life and works from various disciplinary perspectives including history, literature, theology, religious studies, and philosophy. The book consists of seventeen chapters written by leading religious scholars, historians and literary critics on Edwards' life, work, and legacy.

The Companion will be an invaluable aid to teachers and scholars and will be imminently accessible to those just encountering Edwards for the first time.

• Contains essays from a highly distinguished, international group of Edwards scholars

• This volume incorporates an interdisciplinary approach to the study of Edwards - his life and context, his professional roles and achievements, and his legacy and reputation

• The essays in this volume are not uncritical of Edwards, his theological viewpoints, and/or his life story


Table of Contents: 

1. Introduction Stephen J. Stein
Part I. Life and Context:
2. Biography George M. Marsden
3. Personal writings Kenneth P. Minkema
4. New England background David D. Hall
5. Transatlantic Enlightenment Avihu Zakai
Part II. Roles and Achievements:
6. Preacher Wilson H. Kimnach
7. Revivalist Harry S. Stout
8. Theologian E. Brooks Holifield
9. Philosopher Stephen H. Daniel
10. Exegete Stephen J. Stein
11. Missionary Rachel M. Wheeler
Part III. Legacy and Reputation:
12. American culture Joseph A. Conforti
13. American literature Philip F. Gura
14. Gender and social issues Ava Chamberlain
15. Evangelical tradition Douglas A. Sweeney
16. Religious scholarship Stephen Crocco
17. Abroad David Bebbington.