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Tampering with Temptation

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Grace & Truth Books

A collection of short stories to show the sad results that come our way when we do not resist temptation: In the 1st story, Young Martin and the Silver Sixpence, Bernard Martin's carelessness with his employer's money gets him in trouble, and then he is tempted to conceal something in his possession which is not his.  

The 2nd story, the famous and much-published Farmer Goodwin's Rule (never do during the day that which will worry you at night), Randy is ashamed of being the one who stands for what is right and learns the hard lessons that come when we compromise our principles. 

Albert and Herbert: Who is the Coward?, Herbert fails to muster up the courage to say "NO!" These stories will ring true in children's hearts and consciences as they remember similar situations that revealed their true character!