Sounds From Heaven: The Revival on the Isle of Lewis, 1949-1952 (Peckham)

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The recounting of the story of revival on the Scottish Isle of Lewis in the late 1940's. It is a fascinating blend of history, biography and testimony. It includes the eye-witness accounts from Duncan Campbell and Mary Peckham.


Table of Contents:

1. The Island

2. Religion in Lewis

3. Revivals in Lewis

4. The Life and Ministry of Duncan Campbell

5. Duncan Campbell’s Revival Reports (1949-1950)

6. Revival Reports (1951-1953)

7. Rev. James Murray MacKay (Minister of the Church of Scotland, Barvas)

8. Preparation for the Carloway Campaign – Rev. Murdo McLennan

9. Characteristics of the Revival

10. Incidents in the Revival

11. Opposition to the Revival

12. God’s Choice – Lewis Prayer – Soul Travail 

Testimonies of Those who Experienced the Revivals

1. Mrs. Mary Peckham: (nee Morrison) Port-of-Ness, Lewis

2. Alexander Macleod: ‘Sandy Mor’ (Big Sandy) A Testimony to Four Revivals – Point

3. Mrs. Margaret MacDonald: Shader & Ness

4. Mrs. Agnes Morrison: Shader

5. Rev. Kenneth MacDonald: ‘Kenny Ban’ (Fair Keeny)

6. Norman Campbell: Point

7. Roderick M. Mackay: Carloway

8. Rev. William Macleod: Uig

9. Mrs. Margaret Macleod: Barvas, Uig

10. Mrs. Annie Mackinnon: (nee Macleod) Harris 1945

11. Mrs. Chirsty Maggie Macleod: (nee MacPhail) Arnol

12. Donald John Smith: Ballantrushal

13. Mrs. Catherine Campbell: Barvas; Sandwick, Stornoway

14. Rev. Donald Macaulay

15. Mrs. Catriona Macaulay

16. Donald Macphail Arnol: later a missionary to the Yemen 

17. Mrs. Fay Hay: Carloway, Uig, later Missionary to Thailand

18. Mrs. Annie Mackinnon: Formerly of Lochs, Lewis. Now in the Mull of Kingtyre, Scotland

19. Norman Maclean: (‘Paddy’) Church of Scotland Missionary

20. Rev. Alistair Macdonald: Ness

21. Rev. Alistair Macdonald: Ness

22. Rev. John Murdo Smith: Barvas, Lewis 

23. Mrs. Mary Ann Morrison: Uig

24. Two Ladies From Berneray



Colin Peckham (1936-2009) was Principal of Faith Mission Bible College, Edinburgh. Mary Peckham (nee Morrison) (1932-2010) was born on the Isle-of-Lewis and was converted in the 1949 revival. She spent fourteen years in evangelistic ministry, seeing true revival on two occasions in her ministry, before marrying Colin in 1969. They are both survived by three adult children and two grandchildren. 



"This is the best and most definitive study of the movement of the Spirit of God in the Hebrides during the middle of the twentieth century. There are people who sit and hear us year after year. They are loyal, orthodox, moral people but they lack vitality, discipleship, courage in witness-bearing, prayerfulness - they are rarely present in Prayer Meetings. One longs for a spark, a new insight that takes them over the edge into assurance and holy zeal. Reading the testimonies in the closing chapters of the book describing the radical transformation of the lives of ordinary church goers, gives hope for new life in those who faithfully hear us, but do little more. In matters of the Holy Spirit, never assume anything." - Geoff Thomas, Pastor, Aberystwyth Baptist Church, Aberystwyth, Wales 

"This will become for those burdened for revival a primary and powerful resource for understanding God's ways in sending 'times of refreshing' for His people." - Rev. Dr. Ted S. Rendall, Chancellor Emeritus, Prairie Bible Institute and author of Fire in the Church

"Here you can read Duncan Campbell's own reports, along with eyewitness records of those amazing days, and a description of the characteristics of the revival. ...the desperate state of our society and the church which bears the name of Christ should drive us to pray with the Psalmist, 'Will You not revive us again, O Lord?'" - Peter Grainger, Pastor Emeritus, Charlotte Chapel, Edinburgh

"I cannot recall any book on revival that I have read that has given me greater pleasure, held my attention more, and incited my longing for a new visitation from God more than this one." - Brian H. Edwards, Lecturer & Theologian, Author of Revival and Can We Pray For Revival?

"This is an awe-inspiring book. It must be, because it contains the testimonies of people converted in a time of revival." - Evangelical Times