Reformed Means Missional: Following Jesus Into the World (Logan)

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If It Isn't missional, It's Not Church - and Certainly Not Reformational Church
Christians are not on a mission for God; his church is on his mission - the mission of bringing the grace of Christ to sinners; the mission of bringing the whole world into obedience to Christ; and the mission of covering the earth with the knowledge of the glory of God in Christ Jesus. Being on God's mission means following Jesus into the darkest places of the world to bring the good news of the total redeeming work of Christ. Leading reformed thinkers including Tim Keller, Thomas Schirrmacher, P. J. Buys, Diane Langberg, John Leonard, Basyle Tchividjian, John Freeman, and many others, demonstrate why and how the church must be on God's mission of bringing grace, holiness, compassion, and justice to a world of sin and suffering.


Table of Contents:

Foreword: What do we mean by ‘Missional’?

Introduction: Why the World Reformed Fellowship Seeks to Encourage Missional Theology and Practice – Samuel T. Logan Jr.

Section One: Laying the Foundation

1. What a Missional Church Looks Like – Martin Allen

2. What’s the Point in Believing and Doing the Right Things?: A Missional, ‘Edwardsean’ Approach to Orthodox Belief and Moral Behavior – Samuel T. Logan, Jr.

3. The Book of Romans and the Missional Mandate: Why Mission and Theology Must Go Together – Thomas Schirrmacher 

Section Two: The Church Reaches the World

4. A Missional Response to Poverty and Social Injustice – P.J. Buys

5. What Is God’s Global Urban Mission? – Timothy Keller

6. A Missional Approach to the Health of the City – Susan M. Post

7. A Missional Response to Global Violence against Women – Diane Langberg

8. Worship and Children: A Missional Response to Child Sexual Abuse – Basyle Tchividjian

9. God Scatters to Gather through His People: A Missional Response to Migrant Churches – Elias Medeiros

10. Dogma Meets Diversity in Europe: A Missional Response to Secularity – Robert Calvert

11. The Missional Challenges of Islam: A Very Diverse People, Religion, and Culture – John Leonard

12. A Missional Approach to ‘Hidden Believers,’ – John Nicholls

13. A Missional Response to Homosexual Strugglers in the Church and the Gay Community – John Freeman

Conclusion: Crafting an Evangelical, Reformed, and Missional Theology for the Twenty-First Century – A.T.B. McGowan

Afterword: Missional Is Mission Critical – Frank A. James 



Samuel T. Logan, Jr., Editor, MDiv, PhD has been International Director of the World Reformed Fellowship since 2005. He served at Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, from 1979 - 2007, and is now President Emeritus. He was also Visiting Fellow at Christ's College, Cambridge in 1988 - 89, and special counsel to the president at Biblical Seminary in Hatfield, Pennsylvania, from 2007 - 2013. He is a minister of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church. Dr. Logan's publications include The Preacher and Preaching, Sermons That Shaped America, Confronting Kingdom Challenges, and numerous articles on Jonathan Edwards. 



"In Reformed Means Missional, Dr. Sam Logan brings together both well known authors and some hidden jewels of the church who labor, Jesus-like, in dark places, and serve the least and the lowest. Refreshingly, the theorists are also practitioners, while the practitioners think biblically and theologically about how God's mission shapes their work.  The result? This wide-ranging volume, which is calculated to give mind, conscience, and, yes, emotions also, a serious, gospel work out." - Sinclair B Ferguson, Redeemer Theological Seminary, Dallas, TX

"Building on 'Mission and Evangelism' in the WRF Statement of Faith, Reformed Means Missional brings theological substance to 'missional.' ensuring the term doesn't become a passing fad. A collection of the world's top Reformed thinkers have provided rich, compelling insights as to how the church in the 21st century must change the way it thinks and behaves if it is sent into the world to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ and promote the expansion of His Kingdom." - Jeffrey Jeremiah, MDiv, PhD, Stated Clerk, Evangelical Presbyterian Church

"Reformed Means Missional is a foundational and strategic call to all in the Reformed tradition to truly be His church, on His mission taking the Whole Gospel to the Whole World. My friend, Sam Logan, understands this reality and articulates this call, both in terms of its theological groundings and its global implications, more persuasively than anyone I know. This book is required reading for any leader in the Reformed tradition who wants to be able to participate in 21st century conversations with respect to the Reformational church and the core of Christ's calling." - Dr. S. Douglas Birdsall, President of the American Bible Society; former Executive Chair of the Lausanne Movement.

"I have sometimes been annoyed when 21st century leaders trumpet the mantra that their ministry is 'missional' - as if no one else had ever discovered this concept before.  However these essays, edited by Dr. Logan, focus on God's own mission for his church, immersed in a shape-shifting culture. Here are arrows that fly from the Spirit's own bow, still quivering from a bulls-eye impact!" - Dr. Michael A. Rogers, Senior Pastor, Westminster Presbyterian Church, Lancaster, PA

"God is a missionary God. He reaches out to claim and bless His people and through them to bless others. When God called Abraham, He said to him: 'I will bless you... so that you will be a blessing...and in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed.' We are called by God to be missionaries, to be 'missional.' We cannot all reach all families of the earth; but we can reach some families near or far. This book will help you become intentional in your focus to be missional in some area where you can have influence. Where are you a blessing? Where are you missional?" - Robert C. (Ric) Cannada, Jr., Chancellor Emeritus, Reformed Theological Seminary 

"The heartbeat of Reformed theology (at its best) has always been its missional thrust. This extraordinary collection of essays explores from many angles how the gospel translates into God's people serving as his instruments of redemptive healing in a very broken world. It will help us follow Jesus more faithfully into his world that his kingdom may come on earth as it is in heaven." - Leo R. Schuster III, Lead Pastor, East Side Congregation, Redeemer Presbyterian Church

"What is it after all to be 'missional?' Finally, this remarkable book shows us the way. We recognize our calling to build upon our Reformed heritage and to passionately look ahead. By God's grace we will fulfill our calling to bring both the gospel and long-needed change in our world, engaging issues too long neglected. Some will need to leave their denominations, others not, but we will labor together. This book unites us and stretches us at the same time - a must read to equip us for our Lord's vast and deep calling to us all." - D. Clair Davis, Professor and Chaplain, Redeemer Seminary, Dallas