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Powerful Evangelism for the Powerless (Miller)

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Jack Miller both challenges and inspires as he shows us how to overcome powerlessness in bearing witness for Christ. Miller talks about the the church's mission to evangelize, involving your church in evangelistic outreach, the marks of biblical boldness, the importance of prayer, and more. He also includes an outline for a 10-week evangelism training program with a focus on "frienship evangelism"—seeing evangelistic opportunities in connection to the people around you.

Table of Contents:

Introduction: Revitalizing the Passive in America

  1. The Unspent Treasure: Our Missionary Legacy
  2. How Big Is God’s Mission Field?
  3. How Deep Is God’s Love?
  4. The Marks of Biblical Boldness
  5. Prayer and the Promises: Power Source for Bold Ministry
  6. The Community of Joy: The Special Power of a Corporate Witness
  7. The Pastor Models Personal Witness
  8. How to Involve Your Church in Evangelistic Outreach
  9. An Outline for Evangelism Training
  10. Five Steps to a Gracious Evangelistic Encounter
  11. Should We Evangelize the Church?
  12. Revitalization Through Spiritual Inquiry
  13. How to Witness with the ‘New Life’ Booklet
  14. Mobilizing Through Faith: God’s Way to Do God’ Work      


"If you've grown tired of books about evangelism, read this one. Christ will use this book to restore your enthusiasm and astonishment at the gospel, and he will 're-send' you to the lost. . . . must reading for tired and bored evangelists." — Steve Brown

“We need this book for our day. In a time where there is grave concern about the defense of the gospel, we must remember that the best defense is a strong offense. . . . This is a book that will compel you to action—but that action will be, first of all, to go to your knees.” — Stephen Smallman

"Jack Miller has given us a heart-searching, soul-stirring reminder that evangelism is the responsibility of the whole church, not just the professional evangelist. He doesn't just leave us feeling guilty, though. He tells us simply and practically what to do about it. I highly recommend this book." — Jerry Bridges


C. John Miller taught practical theology at Westminster Theological Seminary, was director of World Harvest Mission and led mission trips to several countries. He was the founding pastor of New Life Presbyterian Church outside Philadelphia, from which grew several other congregations.