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Operation Auca: Nate Saint - Torch Bearers Series (Drummond)

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Christian Focus Publications
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Nate Saint peered eagerly over the edge of his brother Sam’s Challenger biplane. His heart thumped against his ribs in anticipation of takeoff. It was Nate’s first flight but it would be one of many that would eventually take him into the jungles of Ecuador to bring the truth of God’s Word to the elusive Auca tribe On January 8, 1956, Nate and some other missionaries landed at strip of sand that they had named Palm Beach. This was Nate’s final flight for he and the other missionaries on the plane that day were martyred when Auca tribesmen attacked them with spears. However the work of evangelism continued. Many heard Nate’s story and became missionaries. Others heard God’s Word and came to accept Christ including several of the Auca men who had thrown their spears on that terrible day.




Nancy Drummond lived and ministered with her parents who were missionaries in Jamaica before beginning a career in education. She is now a wife and mother and has spent many years as a Sunday School teacher. Nancy currently serves as a teacher and leader with young adults as well as writing children's books.