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Jesus the Evangelist: Learning to Share the Gospel From the Book of John (Phillips)

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Rev. Richard D. Phillips digs into the early chapters of the Gospel of John to discover principles you can use for Christian outreach that were modeled by witnesses for Jesus and by Jesus Himself. Phillips unfolds biblical principles for evangelism by examining the ministry of John the Baptist and the calling of the first of Jesus’ disciples. Then, through a brief study of the Lord’s encounter with the Pharisee Nicodemus, he presents us with a theology of the gospel. Finally, he focuses in on Jesus’ stirring encounter with the Samaritan woman to show exactly how Christ shared the good news.

Phillips’ clear and concise handling of these key stories will both motivate and instruct you in your witness on behalf of Christ. An appendix looks at the relationship between God’s sovereignty and evangelism.


Table of Contents: 

Part One: The Witness of John the Baptist and the Calling of the First Disciples: Biblical Principles of Evangelism 

1. A Witness to the Light: John 1:6-9 

2. The Word and the Voice: John 1:19-28 

3. Behold, the Lamb!: John 1:29-34 

4. Bringing Them to Jesus: John 1:35-42 

Part Two: Jesus’ Witness to Nicodemus: The Theology of the Gospel 

5. Born Again: John 3:1-8 

6. The Answer: John 3:9-21 

7. The Gospel of Love: John 3:16 

8. The Gospel of Faith: John 3:16-18 

Part Three: Jesus’ Witness to the Samaritan Woman: Jesus’ Practice of Evangelism 

9. Jesus the Evangelist: John 4:1-10

10. Living Water: John 4:10-15 

11. Dealing with Sin: John 4:16-19 

12. The Cry of New Life: John 4:27-30 

13. The Savior of the World: John 4:27-42

Appendix: The Sovereignty of God in Evangelism



Richard D. Phillips (MDiv, Westminster Theological Seminary) is the senior minister of Second Presbyterian Church of Greenville, South Carolina. He is a council member of the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals, chairman of the Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology, and coeditor of the Reformed Expository Commentary series.



“Readers of this volume will learn how to evangelize the real people around them from the only real Savior, Jesus Christ. Every pastor should buy two boxes of Jesus the Evangelist and give them away to members.” – Rev. Thabiti Anyabwile 

“Richard Phillips has written a very helpful book that every serious Christian should read.” – Dr. Thomas K. Ascol