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Inconspicuous Providence: The Gospel According to Esther (Gregory)

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Esther often seems like an anomaly—a book of the Bible that never mentions God or his direct intervention. Yet the book feels closest to many Christians’ own experience; few of us have experienced divine intervention, and our world seems just as secular as Esther’s. We are tempted to ask, of her world and ours—where is God in all this? If he is real, why doesn’t he show himself?

Bryan Gregory shows us how Esther’s literary techniques depict God’s “absent presence” and “hidden involvement,” encouraging us that while God appears uninvolved, he is at work under the surface to accomplish his purposes and deliver his people—ultimately revealing his hidden presence in Christ.

Table of Contents:

  1. Reading Esther
  2. Will the Real King Please Stand Up? (1:1-22)
  3. A Cinderella Story – Only Seedier (2:1-18)
  4. Hell Hath No Fury like an Agagite Scorned (2:19-3:15)
  5. The Moment of Truth (4:1-17)
  6. Step of Faith (5:1-8)
  7. The Pivot Point (5:9-6:14)
  8. Poetic Justice (7:1-10)
  9. The Tables Are Turned (8:1-9:19)
  10. An Ongoing Celebration (9:20-10:3)



Bryan R. Gregory is senior pastor of Brookdale Presbyterian Church in St. Joseph, Missouri. 



“It is a blessing when scholarly research results in deep insights for practical, everyday faith. Here you will find real, concrete hope in Christ that calls you to faith and action and that speaks even to despair and life’s darkest moments.” — Elizabeth Groves, Lecturer in Old Testament, Westminster Theological Seminary