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Historic Christianity and the Federal Vision: A Theological Analysis and Practical Evaluation (Roberts)

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The purpose of this book is to respond to a new twist on the old problem of legalism and to defend the unchanging gospel. The Federal Vision teaches salvation by both moral works and ceremonial works. It is leading the church back into Catholicism and the views opposed by the Protestant reformers. The author carefully exposes and dismantles the views of the Federal Vision in twenty-two distinct chapters.

The false teachings of the Federal Vision on regeneration, grace, baptism, justification by faith, perseverance, election, and several others are elucidated herein.



Dewey Roberts is pastor of Cornerstone Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Destin, Florida. He is a retired chaplain in the rank of Colonel. He is Executive Director of Church Planting International. He and his wife, Jane, have two children and four grandchildren.



"The armies are at the gates of the City of God today. But there are watchmen awake and alert who have not been bought by the smiles of the enemies. So this book is essential and gripping reading. " - Geoffrey B. Thomas, Pastor, Alfred Place Baptist Church, Wales

"Federal Vision is a significant movement that has sprung up within conservative Calvinist churches in North America, Europe, and Russia. Dewey Roberts has made an exhaustive study of their teaching, and here explains fully why and how it departs from Reformed theology as this has been traditionally understood. Those who wish to understand the Federal Vision cannot afford to ignore this book." Dr. Anthony N. S. Lane, Professor of Historical Theology at London School of Theology

"Dewey Roberts has done us a great service in writing this book. With cogent logic, based on Reformed biblical theology, he exposes the errors present in 'Federal Vision' thinking, running rampant in some circles in the church today. He is fair to those who differ, but leaves no doubt as to where he stands: any doctrine that chips away at the doctrines of grace set forth in Reformed theology is heresy, and must be called out. He does a masterful job in doing just that." - Mark Belz J.D. / MBLS LLC, Retired Attorney and Former Moderator of the Presbyterian Church in America

"The power of the Federal Vision has been that it has drawn extraordinarily gifted ministers, many of them being young ministers, filled with commendable enthusiasm for the things of God, as well as hard-working older shepherds who have grown understandably discontent with the vacuous pop-worship and dry-creek-bed-evangelicalism of the day. I am thankful to commend this book. Dewey, is the right man at the right time to shed Gospel light on the shadows encircling the question and subsidiary questions of the Federal Vision." - Michael A. Milton, Ph.D.

"With assiduous clarity, Rev. Roberts has provided a steady, orthodox examination of the soteriological/sacramental scheme known as the Federal Vision, and its related theological iterations. A highly readable work, this steady, orthodox appraisal blends pastoral concern with scholarly methodology, yielding a truly valuable contribution for the benefit of earnest inquirers." - John T. Sowell, President, Reformed Theological Seminary, Atlanta, Georgia