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Forget Not All His Benefits (Popovich)

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In Forget Not All His Benefits, Frances Blok Popovich recounts various experiences she has had throughout her life. But this is not an autobiography. Rather, it is a collection of reflections on God's faithfulness as He has led her along life's journey. From her experiences as a wife and mother to her forty years of service as a Wycliff Bible translator for the Maxakali Indians in Brazil, Popovich reminds us of the kindness of our heavenly Father.

Table of Contents: 

Part One: The Homeward Journey 

1. Going Home

Part Two: Early Glimpses of God’s Goodness

2. Beginning the Journey 

3. Joy Comes in the Morning 

4. A Modern Good Samaritan 

Part Three: A Mother’s Glimpses of God’s Goodness 

5. Teaching Our Children to Love God 

6. Letting Go 

7. Staircase Waterfall

8. Pure Delight 

9. Philip: Our Coda

Part Four: Glimpses of God’s Goodness to the Maxakali 

10. God’s Availability: Psalm 121

11. The Secret Birth 

12. A People’s Movement 

13. When Christ Comes 

14. Aninha’s Baby 

15. The Afterlife 

Part Five: A Bible Translator’s Glimpses of God’s Goodness 

16. Hunger 

17. The Missionary and the Sheriff

18. Sidelined 

19. Deep Waters 

20. A Touch of Eternity 

21. Light and Darkness

22. It’s Not Fair 

23. Finding a Word for “Lord” 

24. Finding Words for “Obey” and “Believer”

25. The Sweet Potato Saga 

26. A Translator’s Christmas 

Part Six: Later Glimpses of God’s Goodness 

27. My Stint as a Stork 

28. Startling Diagnosis 

29. Finishing Well 

30. Suddenly Old 

31. Arriving Home 

32. Wandering Stars 



"For a book of stories that provides good spiritual counsel, practical life wisdom, and authentic mission field experience with all its joys and challenges, I suggest , Forget Not All His Benefits, by a veteran Bible translator, Dr. Fran Popovich. It is a real page-turner, highly recommended for all age groups." - Joel R. Beeke