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Five: The Solas of the Reformation (Ellison)

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What are the five solas? Why do they matter? Are they biblical? How do they apply to me?

Five: The Solas of the Reformation, by S. D. Ellisonis a primer written to introduce readers to the glorious truths of the Reformation. This book will guide people through the historical and biblical basis for each of the Solas: Sola Gratia (Grace Alone), Sola Fide (Faith Alone), Sola Scriptura (Scripture Alone), Solus Christus (Christ Alone), and Soli Deo Gloria (Glory to God Alone). However, just as importantly, Five: The Solas of the Reformation will show how these great reformational truths can be applied to our own lives.



“Five hundred years ago, Christians across Europe turned to their Bibles to find out what had happened to God’s good news. They set out to untangle the church that they loved from the confusions of its history. In doing so, they summarised their message in five great claims. In explaining what these claims mean, Davy Ellison’s new book will introduce a new generation of readers to the things that matter most." - Dr. Crawford Gribben | Professor of Early-Modern British History, Queen's University Belfast, Northern Ireland

"Our contemporary culture doesn’t really like to use the word alone. We don’t like exclusive claims. And yet Davy Ellison shows us how beautiful it is to understand five ways this word alone secures true redemption. Travel with him through history and God’s word to delight in what alone will bring you joy today." - Aimee Byrd | Author of No Little Women and Theological Fitness, cohost of Mortification of Spin

"The Reformation was a mighty movement whereby foundational Gospel truths were recovered for the vitality of God’s church.  This book provides a helpful introductory window into five of these beautiful truths and should thus be a great help to many." - Rev. Dr. Mark Earngey | Lecturer in Christian Thought, Moore Theological College, Sydney, Australia

"Ellison collaborates with a chorus of voices from the past to clarify and illustrate truths that Christians have held dear for hundreds of years. This primer on the five solas is no dry history lesson, but is relevant to every believer. Many of us have our lives shaken by the storms of theological controversies, sin struggles, or recurring doubts, and we need to be reminded that our faith has a solid foundation." - Gloria Furman | Author of Treasuring Christ When Your Hands Are Full and Missional Motherhood

"It is incumbent upon each generation of would-be Protestants to reaffirm and restate the biblical basis and ongoing relevance of the Reformation's theological legacy. In this slender but substantial volume, Davy Ellison makes the case afresh that the five Reformation solas are vital, not just for understanding our sixteenth-century heritage, but for understanding how the Triune God is still at work in the church and world today." - Dr. Matthew C. Bingham | Lecturer in Systematic Theology and Church History, Oak Hill College, London


About the Author

Davy is married to Tracy and together they love drinking copious amounts of tea.  He serves an elder in Antrim Baptist Church, is the Director of Training for the Irish Baptist College, and is pursuing a PhD in Old Testament biblical studies.  Davy is also the author of a short overview of the book of Isaiah entitled The Holy One of Israel: Exploring Isaiah.


If you wish to connect with Davy on social media you can follow him on Twitter @DavyEllison.