Faithful But Not Famous (Leslie)

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Once again, a writer of old has portrayed a vivid account of a godly father who imparts the gospel to his son. This marvelous work reflects the era of the Reformation and those who gave their lives, suffering for the gospel that only Christ could forgive sins, a message contrary to the "church" at this time. Beyond this, another message is woven into this story - that of the Savior's call on a life, even that of a child.

"In the following pages an attempt is made to narrate, in a popular form, the origin and early progress of Protestantism in France. The main events and the principal characters of the story are strictly historical. The minor details have been introduced, not merely for the sake of effect, but with the object of presenting a true and faithful picture of the manners, customs, and state of feeling in France at the time." - From the Preface