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100 Fascinating Bible Facts (Howat)

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Christian Focus

How about going on a fact finding expedition? This journey will take you through history and into the future by introducing you to the magnificent, amazing, fascinating Bible. The Bible is a wonderful book full of astonishing truths and facts that will get you thinking and introduce you to God. But what does the word Bible mean in the first place? Have you ever heard the story of the serpent that had legs? How many animals really went into the ark? Find out these fascinating facts and more by reading this book. You will discover what happened at the beginning of time and what will happen at the end. You will find out what a miracle really is and how the prophecies in the Bible really do come true! You will also see that Jesus Christ was not just a nice man, a storyteller and a healer- he was and is the Savior of sinners. What does that mean? Well, read this book of fascinating facts to find out.



Irene Howat is an author and ghost–writer for many different Christian biographies as well as multiple children’s books and biographies. Her writing skills have gained her an award from the Australian book trade and a reputation as a reliable writer for young children.