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The Divine Purpose

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"The chief excellency of these Letters is, that they present the subject of DIVINE DECREES, without the forbidding aspect, which it is apt to assume in the view of many persons. One thing the reader may be assured of, that whether he should coincide in opinion with the author or not, he will find nothing in the volume calculated to wound the most delicate feelings. A spirit of meekness and kindness, eminently characteristic of the writer, pervades the whole." - Archibald Alexander, from the Preface


1- Difference between truth and error always important

2- The influence of prejudice, answer to the question, 'What are the Decrees of God?'

3- God never acts without design, 'What is Providence?'

4- Death, with all its causes, under the government of Providence, the care of God extends to the whole universe

5- The divine purpose neither suspends, nor violates the free agency of man

6- The divine purpose perfectly consistent with the free agency of man

7- A method of ascertaining the extent of Divine Providence, Great events necessarily include all the less ones, of which they are made up.

8- Events, similar to those contained in the prophecies and promises of God, are all included in his purpose.

9- The purposes of God not inconsistent with the moral agency of man.

10- This consistency incomprehensible to us, but so are many other things which yet we believe.

11- Moral Government, Salvation by Grace.

12- The favors of God, bestowed according to his own design, Purposes, decrees, intention, foreordination, etc.

13- The number to be saved, dependent entirely on the will of God.

14- The means of salvation suited to each individual, embraced in the divine purpose.

15- The Providence of God subservient to the designs of mercy, Great events made up of smaller ones, Our duty and interest to meditate on all His works.

16- Man is a Predestinarian, the Commander of an army, the Architect, the Farmer, elect, foreordain, etc.

17- The final perseverance of Christians

18- The same subject considered further.

19- The doctrine gives such views of the character of God as are calculated to excite devotion