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The Beauty of Holiness: A Guide to Biblical Worship

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Contemporary! Traditional! Divisive words–particularly when referring to methods of worship. Some churches commit themselves to one particular style while others divide themselves into distinct congregations with separate services to accommodate a mismatched membership with dissimilar preferences regarding music or dress. For some reason music always seems to be at the heart of the issue. Should the congregation find the words to hymns in hardback hymnals or the words to choruses projected on a screen? Should soloists sing to recorded music with microphone in hand or to organ accompaniment with arms passively at the side? Should the congregation applaud or whisper “amen” when blessed? Should drums and guitars be allowed in church? Should music styles reflect changing cultural models, or are some melodies and rhythms inherently inappropriate for worship? These are tough questions with answers that almost always fail to convince or change the other side.

Table of Contents:

1. The Danger of Worship

            A Warning from Isaiah

            A Warning from Jeremiah

            A Warning from Ezekiel

2. The Object of Worship

            Theocentric Worship

            Trinitarian Worship

3. The Subject of Worship

            The August Person of God

            The Attractive Perfections of God    

            The Awesome Works of God

4. The Liturgy of Worship

            Reading Scripture




5. Aid for Worship

            The Sabbath: A Time of Worship

            Sacraments: Tools for Worship

6. Examples of Worship

            The Example of Moses

            The Example of Isaiah

            The Example of John

7.  Paradigms for Worship

            Focus of the Psalms

            Formula in the Psalms

            Function of the Psalms


1. The Message of Malachi: An Analysis of Dead Religion

2. Some Thoughts on Women in the Church

3. Thoughts on Head Covering for Public Worship

4. Some Thoughts on the Meaning of Music from a Christian World View by Paul Overly

5. Contemporary Worship and the Next Generation of Fundamentalist Leaders by David L. Burggraff 



Michael P. V. Barrett, B.A., M.A., Ph.D., is the President of Geneva Reformed Seminary and the Associate Minister at Faith Free Presbyterian Church in Greenville, South Carolina. For nearly 30 years he was a professor of Ancient Languages and Old Testament Theology and Interpretation at Bob Jones University and Seminary.