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Southern Presbyterian Pulpit: A Collection of Sermons from the Nineteenth Century

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Some of the more familiar names included are B.M. Palmer, Moses Hoge, George Armstrong, John Girardeau, and R.L. Dabney, but the remaining 28 men were all men committed to an authoritative Bible and an expository pulpit ministry.The subjects covered are greatly varied: "The Transforming Power of the Gospel," "The Changing World and the Unchanging God," "Christ's Pastoral Presence with His Dying People," How Long Halt Ye Between Two Opinions?"and many others.

Endorsements  "Two motives have prompted the issue of this volume. There has been a distinct demand for a book of practical sermons, suitable for reading in the public worship of God when conducted by ruling elders of the church. But in addition to this motive, it has seemed very desirable to put in permanent form some examples of the work of our Southern Presbyterian pulpit, which is, we are confident, second to none in eloquence, dotrinal purity, persuasiveness, and practical power." - August 1896, from the Preface

In early 1897 The Presbyterian Quarterly gave the following Review of Southern Presbyterian Pulpit: "An inspection of the thirty-three sermons brought together and published in this book will readily show that the double purpose of the publishers, as set forth in the Preface, is fully accomplished. A careful examination of the several discourses reveals their strength, beauty, fervor and wonderfully evangelical spirit and soundness."

"I've often given printed sermons to the dying, grieving, confused and lost; sermons from this very book. You'll find sermons that speak to the heart in 'Southern Presbyterian Pulpit.' Acquaint yourself with the 'Spurgeons of America' and you'll find some preachers to imitate. They were truly 'Preachers with Power.' - C.N. Willborn PhD