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Worthy is the Lamb (Bradley)

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Soli Deo Gloria Publications

It is nearly impossible to know the Savior without being elevated to lofty and exalted thoughts of Him. It is little wonder, then, that the Puritans put their pens to writing about the Physician of their souls as well as matters of the soul.

Here are hundreds of poems on the most noble of all themes, the Lord Jesus Christ, by some of His choicest servants, the Puritans. 

Table of Contents:

  1. His Glorious Estate (God the Creator)
  2. A Foreign Fair Flower (Sinfulness of Man)
  3. A Most Gracious Design (God Sovereign in Salvation)
  4. Fully Known and at Rest (Satisfaction of the Heart)
  5. The Ever-Faithful Instructor (The Law of God)
  6. The Most Joyful News (Gospel of Christ)
  7. Buy Without Money (Free Grace)
  8. A Closer Walk With God (Sanctification)
  9. Thirsting for the Heavenly (Excellency of Christ)
  10. The Helm of the Heart (Religious Affections)
  11. Knowledge and Affection (Means of Grace)
  12. Quick and Powerful Sword (The Word of God)
  13. The Throne of Grace (Prayer)
  14. Visible Sermons (Sacraments)
  15. Hearts Kept in Tune (Self-Examination)
  16. Stooping Down Low (Pride and Humility)
  17. They Keep Crawling Down (Mortification of Sin)
  18. Emblem of Eternal Rest (Sabbath)
  19. Taking Careful Aim (Poem for Youth)
  20. The Forest of Death (Pilgrims on Earth)
  21. On Jordan’s Stormy Banks (Death)
  22. Face to Face (Heaven)