Works of Ezekiel Hopkins, Volume 2 (Hopkins)

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Table of Contents: 

  1. Discourses Concerning Sin
  2. The Doctrine of the Two Covenants
  3. A Treatise on Regeneration
  4. The Doctrine of the Two Sacraments
  5. The All Sufficiency of Christ
  6. The Excellence of Heavenly Treasures
  7. Practical Christianity
  8. The Assurance of Salvation
  9. On Glorifying God in His Attributes



Ezekiel Hopkins ws born in Devonshire, England, in 1633. His father, also a minster of the gospel, gave his young son a personal education in the things of God. He entered Oxford at the age of 16, and received his Bachelor's and Master's degrees there, the latter in June, 1656. In 1660, he went to London and became assistant to Dr. William Spurstow, minister of Hackney, near the city.

In 16632, when the Act of Uniformity was passed, Dr. Spurstow resigned rather than conform, which left Hopkins without a call. Several groups sought him to be their pastor, but details of the next five years are sketchy at best. But he was widely regarded as a good preacher. Men of opposite views and principles with regard to political and ecclesiastical government listened with delight to his instructive and eloquent declaration of the whole counsel of God. In 1681, Hopkins was transferred to Londonderry in Ireland, but returned to London in 1688 when the Roman Catholic army increased and political unrest in Ireland intensified. But within 9 months of returning to London, he passed into the presence of the Lord.



“Hopkins searches the heart thoroughly, and makes very practical application to the situations and circumstances of daily life. His homely eloquence will always make his works valuable.” – Charles Spurgeon