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William Symington: Penman of the Scottish Covenanters (Blackwood & LeFebvre)

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This book is about a man and his ministry – a man named William Symington. Symington was a pastor and theologian in Scotland during the early nineteenth century. The pages which follow recount Symington’s life, his ministry, and offers a study of his most important writings. Sadly unknown to many interested in church history and Reformation theology, it is hoped the present volume will help introduce Symington to a wider audience. – From the Preface

Table of Contents: 


1. Introduction to the Life and Work of Dr. Roy Blackwood 

2. Introduction to William Symington and the Reformed Presbyterian Church 


3. Youth and Early Influences: Mono to Theo Doxa 

4. The Stranraer Years I: Disciplines of a Covenanter Minister 

5. The Stranraer Years II: Ministry of a Covenanter Minister 

6. The Glasgow Years I: In the Great Hamilton Street Pulpit 

7. The Glasgow Years II: Ambassador for Christ’s Crown

8. The Final Years: A Covenanter Testimony 

On the Atonement and Intercession of Jesus Christ (1834) 

9. Introduction to On the Atonement and Intercession of Jesus Christ 

10. On the Atonement of Jesus Christ 

11. On the Intercession of Jesus Christ 

Messiah the Prince: On the Mediatorial Dominion of Jesus Christ (1839) 

12. Introduction to Messiah the Prince 

13. On the Mediatorial Dominion of Jesus Christ 

14. Christ’s Mediatorial Dominion Applied to the Church 

15. Christ’s Mediatorial Dominion Applied to the State 



“Roy Blackwood’s revival of the life and work of William Symington offers profound insight for those seeking to remain true to Christ in a drifting age like ours. Especially on the topics of the atonement and the kingship of Christ, Symington’s works are lost treasures. Dr.  Blackwood is uniquely gifted in relating the struggles and triumphs of prior generations to those that we face today, and pastors and laymen alike will be greatly enlightened and strengthened by this excellent study.” — Rick Phillips, senior pastor of Second Presbyterian Church in Greenville, SC

I had a burning question 35 years ago: How could I apply my new Christian faith to every story I was assigned, as a news reporter for the Associated Press? I found a big part of the answer in Dr. Roy Blackwood’s thesis on the doctrine of Christ’s kingship over all areas of life. Now I am very thankful that Michael LeFebvre has made it accessible to a wider audience. Many Christians write and speak these days about the kingdom of Christ. Dr. Blackwood has spelled the doctrine in fascinating detail, tracing it through the history of the church.” — Russ Pulliam, associate editor of The Indianapolis Star 

“This book rewards the reader in numerous ways. It is part historical theology, part systematic theology, part biblical theology, and part spiritual biography. With great acumen it distills the two major works of William Symington into easily digestible portions. But this work doesn’t simply nourish the mind; it also nourishes the soul because it unfolds the reality of the twin glories of Christ’s atoning work and boundless kingship. Finally, this book reminds us that doctrine must be lived by implicitly challenging us to follow in the faithful footsteps of men like William Symington and Roy Blackwood by seeking first the kingdom of God in every realm of our lives.” — Anthony T. Selvaggio, ordained minister in the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America  

“This book is about William Symington, and the Scottish Covenanters.  It is written by the man most qualified to write such a book, Dr. Roy Blackwood, with the able assistance of his son in the ministry, Michael LeFebvre.   It is long overdue.  Blackwood captures not only the theology of Symington, but also the sum and substance of the man himself—his passions, commitments, gifts, and impact on the kingdom of Christ.  Now is your opportunity to acquaint yourself with one of the great men of God from a previous century.  Read and enjoy.” — Jerry O’Neill, president of the Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Pittsburgh, PA