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William Farel: True Stories of God's Servants (Bevan)

Tentmaker Publications
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William Farel is in many ways the forgotten Reformer, being overshadowed by John Calvin with whom he worked closely. Yet, were it not for the courageous witness of Farel there may never have been a church at Geneva for Calvin to pastor. If Calvin is the model of the pastor-preacher, then Farel is that of the evangelist. He preached in a time when it was costly to be faithful to the Gospel and he saw a number of his companions cruelly tortured and put to death in the most agonising of ways. Often forsaken and sometimes betrayed, imprisoned and constantly opposed, Farel faced hatred and enmity, contempt and reproach, but remained steadfast. His witness at Neuchâtel, Geneva, Lausanne and Berne saw the gospel light established where previously darkness had gone unchallenged.

Bevan draws upon the Life and Times of John Calvin by Merle D’Aubigné but refers to many other sources as well to verify the account, especially of Farel’s early life. The result is an exciting and deeply challenging book. This new edition has been completely re-typeset and includes the original engravings.