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Why the Cross? (Blanchard)

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Evangelical Press

For centuries symbols have been used as a means of identification, often in an immediate, compact and powerful way. For some 2,000 years Christianity has had a symbol that is universally recognized - a simple cross. Yet the cross represents not the character, life or teaching of the founder of Christianity, but the gruesome way in which he was put to death while still in his early thirties.

For millions today a cross has become little more than a charm or good luck bracelet, tattooed on their bodies or worn as jewellery. The huge gap between the original event and the current symbol therefore raises some massive questions:

  • Why has the symbol remained so universally popular?
  • Was there anything unique about the crucifixion of Jesus?
  • Why was he put to death?
    What difference can it make to me today?

Here is a booklet that answers all these questions - and many more - and makes it crystal clear that in the death of Jesus lies our only hope of the forgiveness of sins and eternal life.



Dr John Blanchard is an internationally-known author, evangelist and Christian apologist. Some eighteen million copies of his publications are in print in over 50 languages.



‘Have you ever wondered why Christians see so much significance in the death of Jesus Christ on a cross? Why did Jesus have to die? Why such a humiliating public execution? And what does His death mean for me? John Blanchard answers those questions and, drawing on the eyewitness accounts recorded in the Bible, he explains the meaning of the cross in a clear, simple, powerful way.'  - John MacArthur

‘In these pages that mighty work which in all its greatness was accomplished on Calvary's cross by the Lord who is both Creator and Redeemer is brought before us with clarity, reverence and spiritual insight. In the Saviour who suffered on Golgotha we see the glory of the only God there is, his amazing grace to those who put their trust in him. Here we meet the foundation for God's gift of everlasting life.'   - Geoff Thomas

‘John Blanchard superbly invites the reader in his typically serious, yet relevant, way to examine why Jesus should die as He did.  Here is a thrilling reminder of what God did, in the sending of His Son, to secure salvation.  I shall certainly be encouraging my people to use this resource so that many others may, in Watts' words, survey the wondrous cross!'   - Jonathan Wood

‘Urgently needed, lucidly written, Blanchard drives home the meaning of the cross of Jesus. No topic is more important than this one. Without the cross (and the substitutionary atonement of which it speaks), we are doomed for eternity. Read this and then, with the apostle Paul, boast in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ.' - Derek W H Thomas